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Melbourne Taxi Silver Service Information: Taxi Fare Calculator

Melbourne Taxi Silver Service offers luxury vehicles and prestige service. It's the largest taxi company in Victoria, Australia with over 1751 vehicles to serve you. We have a variety of vehicles at your service 24 hours a day. Vehicles ranging from Commodore sedans, Falcon, Station wagons and Vans are available upon request. The Melbourne Taxi Silver Service website also offers a taxi fare calculator that people can use to get an estimated taxi fare to their proposed destinations.

Types of Vehicles

Melbourne Taxi Silver Service offers Silver Service wherein the target passengers will be those who belong to the business sector or those that simply like to travel in comfort. We provide luxurious and a personalised service given to each client based on their needs. Silver Shuttles are wheelchair accessible. It can carry a maximum of two wheelchairs at the same time. One type of Silver Shuttle can have a maximum of four passengers and the bigger type can accommodate up to eleven passengers. The Airporter type of taxi can accommodate loads of luggage or suit cases for which standard taxis cannot accommodate. Green Tops or peak service vehicles are available between 3pm to 7am. There is also the Standard Service Taxi. Whichever taxi a person will prefer, they will be able to use the taxi fare calculator to estimate their fare.



Let us tackle each type of taxi one by one:

The Silver Service taxi has an $11 surcharge due to its luxurious interiors and service. It gives everybody who rides in it superior comfort and class. Since this type of taxi provides all these, their passengers have an option to personalise the service. This is the type of taxi that every business person or executive would love to hire going to their destinations. It is assured that cars under the Silver Service are maintained in top condition from inside to outside and is assured that it will not break down while on service. Since this taxi has a surcharge, it will be best to use the taxi fare calculator to get an estimate on how much you will be paying for.

Silver Shuttles are usually High Ace from Toyota and Vito by Mercedes Benz that could hold up to 11 passengers as well as up to two wheelchairs depending on the vehicle. Since this type of vehicle is in demand during Fridays and Saturdays, it will be best to book a taxi ahead of time. All that passengers have to do is call 0401576020. Passengers should also provide an extra time for the taxis to get where they are as taxis are on demand during those specific days. There is also a $10 fee that the Victorian Taxi Directorate will pay directly to the driver to compensate them for carrying or lifting wheelchairs - and for their time in ensuring safety loading of passengers and as well as unloading them safely. There is an extra cost for getting a taxi that could hold more than six passengers and to use a taxi fare calculator will really help in estimating the fare.

For taxis going to and from the airport, it is best to hire an airport taxi. This way, all your baggage will fit right in as compared to the standard taxis that you need to hire two or more if the whole family is planning to have a long vacation somewhere. It is best to check on the taxi fare calculator before going to the airport so you can prepare the money with the estimated cost.

Green Tops are peak service vehicles that operates between 3 pm to 7 am the next day. It's highly noticeable because of its green top. These taxis are available during peak hours. People who go out during the night can pre pay their taxis. So it is imperative that these passengers check on the taxi fare calculator to see how much they need to pay.

As with the Standard Taxis, these are the type of taxis that are available round the clock. This is the type of taxi that people can hail in street anytime. This type is also available when you call in to ask for service. This taxi can hold up to 4 passengers. People can check the taxi fare calculator how much it will cost them per destination if they're planning on having multiple destinations.

For your convenience, so you will not go over your budget, we have a taxi fare calculator to do the math. The taxi fare calculator, also known as taxi fare estimator will ask you for details on the exact pick up location and the exact drop off location. You have the option to add a stop and travel options for your convenience. With the taxi fare calculator people booking online will be able to know the estimated amount of the fare going to their destination. Another feature is that people will see where they're at in the map. The taxi fare calculator will also give the passengers an option on what type of taxi they want. Good thing that with Melbourne Taxi Silver Service, we have a wide variety of vehicles that could accommodate up to five passengers only, or those taxis that can accommodate passengers with wheelchairs or the shuttle vans for more than five passengers.

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